7 Ways to Save on Tech Gadgets on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday ShoppingTechnology is not just a wonderful thing as it can be an expensive one as well. Today, we are surrounded by technology from our phones, televisions and even our vehicles are loaded with the latest in computer technology. If you really want to get the must-have gadgets for the holiday make sure to grab those once a year offers on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You will benefit from some of the steepest discount available from your local or online stores. You certainly don’t want to miss these hot deals that were available in the past.

Unfortunately, the downside to all the advances in tech gadgets is that it can become expensive just to keep up. When you consider how many new items come out every year like smartphones, tablets and the like, the cost can really add up. Fortunately, there are simple, effective ways that you can really save money on your tech gadgets. All you need is a little preparation and you can either save or avoid spending hundreds of dollars or more on something that turns out to be obsolete or what you do not need. Bargain hunters will appreciate Sprint Cyber Monday 2014 that offers many smartphones at the season’s lowest prices.

Pre-Paid Cellphone
A pre-paid phone can save you a tremendous amount of money each year because you make the payment before you call instead of the other way around. You are now far more aware of your calling and will make the most out of it. Plus, this is a great way to control teenagers and their calls. However, this year’s Sprint Black Friday

Use Apps: Having your friends and family use apps like Skype or Facetime can save you a lot of money since they are free devices that allow you to chat just like you were on the phone. Of course, they’ll need the app on their phones as well, but it can save both of you a considerable amount of cash.

Don’t Respond to Bank or Big Store Emails
If you get an email from your bank or a big store reporting an issue with your account, delete the message. Banks and big stores do not alert you via email about account issues. What happens is that you get taken to a fake website and type in your account info so that scammers can steal it and your money.

Stick to Basic Cable
Buy a basic cable package and they augment it with Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon and you will get all the latest movies and television shows for a fraction of the cost.

Buy Gadgets When They Come Out
If you are into iPhones, a new model appears every September. A new iPad shows up in November and new digital cameras appear in February and October. Most of new tech gadgets come out in time for the holidays so that is when you should buy them. Verizon Black Friday 2014 has many deals on both iPhones and Android smartphones that were recently released.

Purchase a Refurbished Computer
Actually, a refurbished computer is a new one that was returned. These computers are fully updated and work just like other new computers with the same warranty and costing less as well.

Use “Airplane Mode” When Outside the US
If you don’t do this with your smartphone, it will keep checking the internet and send emails across other cellular networks which will run up your bill. Check your email using a local Wi-Fi source instead.

Using these 7 ways will save you a considerable amount of money on tech gadgets and avoiding money costing issues as well this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Smartphone Deals are Hot

Galaxy Note 3
Black Friday is a day to save lots of money on the things that you’ve wanted all year, but the problem is that many people get so tied up in the holiday that they don’t really compare the sales. They just buy the best items in the hopes that they will save money. The truth is that many Black Friday smartphone deals sometimes aren’t that great, but there are some that will be worth the wait.

Check the Phones

Before you spend any money on cell phones, be sure to see what you are really getting. A cheap device for $39 or less might sound amazing, but does it really have the power to satisfy your needs? Many of these phones are at least a year old.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting an old device for a great price if it’s something strong like the Samsung Galaxy S3, you might feel cheated when you get home and discover that the device is chugging when you download basic apps or browse the Internet. You can avoid this by checking reviews, hardware specs and ensuring that the device meets modern expectations.

Service Providers

While you might get some great deals at Amazon and other similar ecommerce websites, it might be in your best interest to check a service provider’s website. Not only does this ensure that the device will work with your favorite provider, but they often offer the best deals.

For example, Sprint and AT&T are known for offering devices for just $0.99 if you buy the device with a contract. Speaking of contracts, it’s often better to buy a device like this because you’ll get the best deals. While there are some Black Friday sales for unlocked devices, they typically aren’t as good. Let’s see what Sprint Black Friday sale has to offer.

Best Devices

Samsung Galaxy S4
If you really want a great smartphone this Black Friday, then you need to check these major models. Perhaps the best deal this year is the HTC One. Normally sold for about $199 with a contract, it’s expected to drop to around $49. Not only is this device a powerhouse, but it’s considered one of the most advanced smartphones this year.

There’s also the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is often compared to the HTC One in many respects. This device is also $199 initially with contract, but you should be able to buy it for around $99 if you’re a smart Black Friday shopper. If you prefer a device with a more native version of Android, then you might prefer this smartphone.

The other hot device is the Galaxy Note 3. This smartphone and tablet combination typically sells for about $299, but most are expecting it to drop to around $199 on this year’s biggest shopping day from AT&T. The Note 3 has an immense amount of power, and it also features a large screen that’s perfect for people that want something between a phone and tablet.


Black Friday is a great time to save money, but be smart and don’t fall for the best sales. Just because a device is cheap doesn’t mean that it’s great. The One, Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are the best devices this year if you want to save money without compromising quality.

Ebooks vs. Audio Books

The invention of both ebooks and audio books has been exiting for many avid readers around the world. They have each changed our lives in so many ways by allowing us to experience our love of reading in places and in ways we would not have been able to before. Although they both can satisfy the same niche of people, each has its advantages and disadvantages over each other and over conventional books.

Ebooks can be a wonderful companion to take along with you anywhere and everywhere you go. Ebook devices can hold thousands upon thousands of books, and you have access to your entire collection on one convenient device. These are especially handy when you are doing everyday things that don’t require your undivided attention such as waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting to be called in for a doctor’s appointment. You even have the option of switching books at the last minute if you’re just not feeling one for any reason.

The benefits ebooks have over audio books include the ability to read them when you have to listen for something such as your name being called and having access to more titles. They are also better when you are lying in bed at night and you’re worried about falling asleep as an audio book is playing. Additionally, they have the advantage of easily holding your place with a marker which is especially handy if you know you’ve only got a few moments to spare.

On the other hand audio books can also be extremely convenient. They are inexpensive and could be free with promo code from Audible. There are many situations you may find yourself in that the benefits of having an audio book would far surpass those of an ebook. One of these circumstances includes travelling. There are many people who spend a great deal of their lives on the road. It may be illegal and very dangerous to try reading an ebook or a conventional book while driving, but listening to an audio book is perfectly safe. For those readers who spend time on the road an audio book can be very welcome entertainment. They can also be a nice distraction when you’re stuck in traffic and they can help by lowering your stress level and alleviating intense boredom in these situations.

Audio books can be more convenient than both ebooks and conventional books because they allow you to progress in your knowledge or story while doing menial tasks such as cleaning, laundry, or other household chores. Audio books can also be great when you’re doing hobby or craft work such as knitting, painting, pottery, or model work. People that love to cook and bake can also benefit from the use of audio books because they are excellent for use while in the kitchen for long periods of time.

Overall, the advantages of audio books outweigh the advantages of ebooks. Audio books are a better choice because of their ability to be utilized in far more places than ebooks and conventional books alike. Whatever titles you are looking for you can always find them at Audible – The Cuckoo’s Calling audiobook is customers’ favorite summer reading. Click here to see more best sellers this month. For those who have not yet picked up reading because of the inconvenience, audio books can make reading a great deal more enjoyable.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Coupon Code for Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless  Samsung Galaxy S4
There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S4 is the hottest selling Android phone this year and it is closing the gap with Apple’s iPhone 5. People like the design, screen size, rear camera, and more. What else make the Galaxy S4 everyone’s favorite smartphone?

The retail price is $649 without 2-year contract commitment. You are most likely to pay this price if you not eligible for upgrade or not bring a number form another carrier. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 promo code to use on carriers like Verizon Wireless you can save up to $100 off the regular contract price of $199. This promotion was for a very short period of time and has ended. However, third party retailer like Amazon is selling the same exact phone for $50 plus you get free shipping too.

The biggest perk of owning the Galaxy S4 is the 5 inch Super OLED screen, which makes watching HD movies a much more enjoyable experience when compare the same clips on the 4-inch iPhone 5. The weight itself is slightly more than the iPhone 5 but you can barely notice the difference. People who prefer large screen smartphones would care less about the weight over the screen size.

If you would like to opt for a bigger screen, the only choice you have on Verizon Wireless is the Galaxy Note II. It’s only 0.5 inch larger than the S4, but it’s significantly heavier. Besides, it’s $100 more expensive even after using Verizon Wireless coupon code. While many people find the Galaxy Note II worth the price, some find it bit clumsy to carry, especially when you carry another tablet at the same time.

The fiercest competitor in the Android world is the HTC One, it’s available from AT&T and Sprint, and it’s definitely coming to Verizon Wireless later this summer. The HTC One takes a different design approach than the Galaxy S4. The HTC One uses all aluminum to give it strong and steady look and feel. However, it contains no slot for external memory. Your only choice will be 32GB or 64GB.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with cover
No matter what the experts says about the Galaxy S4, there is always things that you would like to change. The not so premium feel of the plastic body is one thing that you may not like, especially those of you have used the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S before. However, the material Samsung chose to use on the Galaxy S4 is light and easy to customize – you can select from a number of colors and the backcover is easy to be taken out to change the battery as needed.

So is the Samsung Galaxy S4 worth the upgrade, even without a promo code that can save you some extra money? If you are coming from the Galaxy S3, the S4 is evolutional update. The S4′s screen resolution is 1080p while the S3 is 720p. But not many people notice the difference due to the smaller screen on the S III.

For those who decide to add the Galaxy S4 to your existing family plans, the Verizon Wireless promo code will at least get you free shipping and no activation fee. Other perks you can find from time to time include accessories like flip case or spare battery.

BlackBerry Q10 Promo Code 2013

The all new BlackBerry Q10 retails for $549.99 from Verizon Wireless. Even with a contract, you will still have to pay $200 for the phone and be locked up with the same carrier for the next 24 months. However, using the BlackBerry Q10 promo code will save you additional $100 vs. price at Verizon.

So what makes this little full QWERTY keyboard smartphone appealing to so many people, whether they are new or existing Blackberry users? Let’s take a look at some improvements that you’ve never seen before.

First, the design is evolutionary – which is great given that fact that many of us are so used to typing on the famous BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. You can clearly trace the design to back to Bold 9930. However, this unit is much lighter and the keys are actually refined to make typing less prone to error. People tend to type more and faster on a physical keyboard that’s why it’s still a very popular way of constructing emails and long messages. Measuring 4.7 by 2.6 by .4 inches, this smartphone is considered small and slim by today’s standard. You can operate with one hand or both hands. Compared to Blackberry Bold 9930, the keyboard is 30% wider, and each row is separated by a fret – that really makes tying more accurate and quicker.

Second, the screen is reasonably large measuring 3.1 inch diagonally. In such small size, this Blackberry can still boast 720-by-720-pixel display, which makes reading even more pleasant. The touchscreen may not be as big as you would like, it’s surprisingly functional. Opening apps is only one touch away. Of course you can always set up keyboard short cuts so you don’t have to reach too “far” up on the screen when try to check emails or text messages.

BlackBerry Q10
Save over $100 when you use BlackBerry Q10 promo code to buy this advanced smartphone. Today’s typically high-end mobile phones cost over $200 with a service plan. Is the BlackBerry Q10 worth the money? Inside the device you will find a 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro processor, similar to other mid-range smartphones, why newer phone like Samsung Galaxy S4 uses the latest quad-core Snapdragon processor. Will you feel the phone to be lagging? Not at all. The Q10 doesn’t need a more powerful processor to drive the 3.1 inch screen. In most case, the slowdown is caused by the poorly programmed apps or games. So the processing power is not something to be concerned. There are currently over 100,000 apps available for BlackBerry 10 OS but only a handful is compatible with Q10

When you buy a phone these days you expect a nice camera built in, right? There is no exception for Blackberry Q10. The main camera is 8-megapixel while the front one 2-megapixel – not something you can brag about comparing with other smartphone offers. But for those who only take pictures and videos occasionally, it just works. To output photos and videos you can use the standard micro HDMI port and hook it up to a HD TV.

Overall, using Verizon Wireless promo code you will only pay a fraction of the regular price. If you are in the market for a full QWERTY smartphone the BlackBerry Q10 is definitely one of the best choices.